Approved clear bag

Approved clear bag

Earlier this year the NFL announced a ‘clear bag’ policy and implemented at the beginning of this pre-season. I happened to watch the local news in Atlanta that was covering the game. Post-game, a reporter was standing in front a long line of women waiting to pick up their purses they had to ‘check’ before entering the stadium. The report went on to show interviews from women were less than pleased about the policy. One woman did research and thought she found a purse that complied, but was still forced to check her purse. Another just took her purse back to her car. A third woman said she had to search and search for a CLEAR DIAPER BAG!!!  To be completely honest, this policy annoyed me from the perspective of just being a woman, until that mom spoke about her struggle, that hadn’t crossed my mind. As I watched this report, I got upset. Why would the NFL use women as a scapegoat for ‘making everyone safe’?

There has been a gradual increase in violence between fans at NFL games. That increase seemed to reach a crescendo last season. Most notably, was the stabbing at Candlestick Park after a 49ers game. The NFL isn’t the type of league to sit on its laurels and let anything tarnish ‘The Shield’. So, they (and by ‘they’ I mean men, undoubtedly) came up with a way to make everyone safer……CLEAR PURSES FOR WOMEN. This is the same league that created a marketing campaign specifically for women in 2011. This campaign was to let women know how they feminine they can be while being a fan. Now they’re telling women, come to the game, wear our gear, but we don’t trust your tricky purses.

All that fan violence at stadiums last year, involved mostly, if not all, men. In the stands, in restrooms, parking lots…men, men, men. Funny thing is, none of those involved carried purses. Anyone care to guess their blood alcohol content though? Anyone? Yet, we’re lead to believe that somehow that knowing the exact contents of a woman’s purse at all times makes fans safer. Yes, you in the Buccaneers’ jersey, we like knowing that you use tampons instead of pads….20% less risk of a fight. And you ma’am, with the Raider’s baby tee, good know you bought your glucose reader with you to the game….39% less chance of a stabbing. See how that all relates? No? Me either. So while the consumption of alcohol rages at games, the true source of the violence is at the bottom of a woman’s purse (insert sarcasm).

And since I’ve already gone ‘there’…let me just lay it all out there. Owners’, players’ wives and suite owners, are they subject this to this ‘clear bag’ policy as well? I have a hard time seeing women spend thousands of dollars on purses only to have to leave them at home on the most important day of the week.  Could it be that only the general ticket  women pose a threat to everyone’s safety?

The hardest part I have understanding about this policy is how the NFL got owners to sign off on this. With most stadiums are having a hard time selling out, they risk alienating the consumer that has the most potential for growth at this point (Remember the campaign I mention before?).  This horrible attempt to increase fan safety is just to keep from having one of their best sponsors(beer) share some of the blame for fan violence.

If this method ‘keeping fans safe’ doesn’t work, I wonder what the NFL will come up with next: a clear pants policy? At least that wouldn’t be as sexist as it’s current one.

FYI: is where you can read the FAQ about the new policy and purchase a licensed NFL ‘clear’ purse.

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