I Need Lance Armstrong To Follow Reggie Bush and not Roger Clemens

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Lance Armstrong
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Federal prosecutors have obtained a recorded phone conversation between former Tour de France winner Greg LeMond and Stephanie McIlvain longtime liaison to Armstrong for his sponsor, Oakley,Inc.

In the conversation, McIlvain discussed with LeMond that she was present in 1996 when Armstrong discussed with doctors about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. In addition to obtaining the tape and transcription, prosecutors have subpoenaed McIlvain.

The six-time Tour de France winner has denied allegations of use performance-enhancing drugs for years. At first it was just the French. Then the accusations started coming stateside. LeMond has had it out for Armstrong for years. This past May, stripped Tour de France winner Floyd Landis accused Armstrong as well.

The federal government started investing Lance Armstrong in 2008, assigning pitbull Jeff Novitzky on the case. Yes, that Novitzky that busted BALCO wide open. Yep, that Novitzky that contributed to the Mitchell Report. Maybe they should assign him to look for Bin Laden…but I digress.

Novitzky has been rounding up testimony from former teammates, and associates, paperwork, and voicemails for two years. He is amassing a iron-clad case, just like he’s done every time before.

Look Lance, whatever you’re hiding….Novitzky is going to find out, if he hasn’t already.  Lance, go the way of Alex Rodriguez and Reggie Bush, beat them to the punch. Come clean on your own terms, and whatever deal they offer, take it.

Don’t end up like Plaxico, or Marion Jones, you’re a little thin for prison.  Don’t look at Roger Clemens as an example, it won’t end well for him either. When you confess on your own terms, the recovery time is much shorter.


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